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We are ready to help you succeed. The Material Research team has a track record of making global connections that were previously unseen. Our research has aided major global solutions like curbing toxic waste trade, ending fossil fuel financing by the World Bank, protecting dolphins, removing toxic chemicals from building materials, optimizing recycling, and preserving thousands of acres of ecologically vital lands.

Material Research L3C

Our Mission

Filling the Gaps

Material Research, L3C is a low-profit limited liability company with a charitable and educational purpose. We provide affordable, open access, uncompromising research for civil society worldwide. In addition to contract services, we develop independent projects that fill critical needs and promote social justice.


We serve as researcher, writer, project manager, trusted analyst, technician, catalyst, network builder, strategic thinker, and problem solver for some of the gnarliest, most entrenched, and vexing problems we face… the daily, minimally-regulated and understood addition of toxins and plastics to a stressed planet and population… fossil-fuel addiction… affordable, energy-efficient, healthy housing… the often invisible trail of political and financial corruption for corporate profit and the public harm it engenders.

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