Our Mission

Material Research, L3C, is low-profit limited liablity company with a charitable and educational purpose.

We provide affordable, open access, uncompromising research for civil society worldwide. In addition to contract services, we develop independent projects that fill critical needs and promote social justice.

Meet the MRL3C Team

The Material Research team can provide your organization with vital analyses that will fuel successful strategies.

Rick Hind

Policy Analyst

Rick Hind is a leading expert on chemicals policy, including chemical safety. He was Legislative Director for Greenpeace for 25 years.  Rick also led the U.S. Public Interest Research Group’s environmental programs, was a regional director of Clean Water Action, and has his roots in social justice, including working with the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, Quaker Bail Fund, and Clergy & Laity Concerned Schenectady.

Connie Murtagh


Connie was the lead researcher on the recent Healthy Building Network investigation of global chlorine and PVC production. She’s been a change-making researcher with Coop America, SeaWeb, the International Trade Information Service, and Greenpeace. Her research has sparked federal investigations for which corporations have been convicted and fined millions of dollars for environmental crimes. She also deciphered the coding on cans of tuna, which led to “dolphin safe” labels. Connie is the owner of Mohawk Valley Investigations LLC, https://www.mvpi.agency/.

Caroline Pryor

Co-Founder, Vice President

Caroline is an energetic and creative manager and communicator with a successful, 36-year history of initiating, planning and completing a wide variety of projects, including conservation and affordable housing campaigns. She has facilitated the permanent protection of 64,000 acres in eastern Maine, including 28 coastal islands and 82 projects. She has assisted in securing more than $30 million from public and private sources, and is the co-author of award winning publications. Caroline has served as board president of the Maine League of Conservation Voters, chair of the Mount Desert school board, and commissioner of the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission.

Jim Vallette

Co-Founder, President

Jim blazes new pathways of research into industrial practices and their worldwide impacts. He has investigated commodities ranging from toxic waste to tropical timber to ozone-depleting chemicals.  From 2005 to 2019, he worked with the Healthy Building Network (HBN). There, he helped to reveal the contents of building and construction materials, from the roof to the foundation. Jim’s investigations have helped to catalyze major global victories by non-profit organizations including the Sustainable Economy and Energy Network and Greenpeace. These achievements include the Basel Convention ban on toxic waste trade, the World Bank’s ban on overseas fossil fuel extraction finance, and, more recently with HBN, the removal of toxic chemicals from building materials.